Screen shoot Douchebag the game

How douchebag are you? Find out by playing this exciting game. Release your inner douchebag and make those devils horns stand on end. Warning! It will raise your pulse :)

Keep up the pace, smash things with your baseball bat and throw eggs at annoying neighbors. Be as douchy as possible without getting caught!

Always keep an eye on the Douchometer. Keep it high and you will get a score multiplier, but if you let it drop all the way down it´s game over, buddy!

Take a screen shot of your high score and upload it on our Facebook page to become "Douchebag of the Month”. Search for Douchebag the Game and you shall find it ;)

Like the clothes and bags by the way? By clicking the ”Visit web shop” button in game you will get 10% off as a non douchy gesture. You´ll find the hood, the bag and much more.

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